The Nonpareil Management Team

Each of the members of the management team at Nonpareil have extensive backgrounds and experience in the tourism and travel industry, together with a broad awareness and experience of business and commerce.

Katya French, Travel Coordinator - Director

  • Moved to New Zealand with her family in 1994.
  • Accomplished Business Studies at Massey University, Auckland.
  • Moved back to her home country, Russia, to pursue a business career, where she worked for major corporations such as Ernst & Young and White & Case LLC..
  • Moved away from Law to an Asset Management Company, where the opportunity arose to return to New Zealand to assist with the family Asset Management Company and to run a small Travel company, NZ Travelco.
  • With NZ Travelco, Katya and family moved from being a small in-house travel information desk to an independent company running complex VIP tours, primarily for the UK, US and Russian markets. Previous work experience in Moscow has proved invaluable in understanding the needs of the Russian VIP client.

Matthew French, Travel Coordinator - Director

  • Before joining NZTravelco two years ago, Matthew worked in the luxury hotel sector both in the UK and in New Zealand for over 12 years.
  • Managed two luxury lodge type properties in New Zealand and managed the regional office of a national hospitality training company. Has many relevant qualifications for these roles.

David French, Business Development - Director

  • Involved in the Hotel and Tourism industry for over
    forty years
  • Managed extremely high profile luxury hotel properties in both England and New Zealand.
  • Worked in Bermuda, Switzerland and Australia.
  • Worked as an independent Management and Marketing consultant to the industry since 2003 and has worked with NZTravelco since 2007.

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