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Dare to explore - Papua New Guinea, jungle and tribes

Land of unexplored jungles and a diversity of indigenous tribes, Papua New Guinea is an adventurous destination where not everyone dares to go, but where those who dare will surely obtain unforgettable experiences…. Read more >>

On top of the World: Kilimanjaro, African Safari & Zanzibar

For centuries, Kilimanjaro remained a mountain of myth and superstition - one of the great secrets of interior of 'the dark continent'. It was the desire to find the source of the Nile that drove British explorers and geographers to first head inland towards the mysterious mountain around 1840 onwards. Up until then Kilimanjaro had been tall tale told by the Arab traders of Zanzibar. Maasai believed that it is covered with gold. No one really believed that there was a snow-capped mountain on the equator…
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South Pacific by Private Jet

The idea of a luxury Air-cruise is a relatively new and exciting way of seeing more places and spending more time exploring them and less time traveling in between. This is our very exclusive journey that will take you to the most beautiful islands of the South Pacific: Fiji, Samoa, Cook Islands, Tahiti- all in one amazing 10 day Air Cruise around the Pacific!
Our Air-Cruise Flights are taken on board a luxurious GIV-SP Gulfstream Jet Aircraft which has a capacity of up to 13 passengers... Read more >>


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