In Xian, the ancient terminus of the Silk Road, visit one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in history, the tomb of the First Emperor of China, Qin Shi-huang, with its standing army of 8,000 dissimilar life-size terra-cotta soldiers, 600 horses and 100 chariots. You will have exclusive access to the floor of the excavation site with one of the curators, who will allow you to get up-close to the life-size figures to appreciate their fine detail. You will also be able to visit the private storeroom at the Xian Archaeological Institute. Having donned gloves and under the guidance of an expert, may handle priceless relics, some of them nearly 3,000 years old. These include bronze urns from the Zhou period, gold ingots from the Western Han dynasty and celadon porcelain from the Tang dynasty.


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