Renowned for its historical and cultural heritage as well as for its natural beauty, Suzhou is known under various names such as ‘The Venice of the East’, ‘Capital of Silk’, ‘Land of Abundance’ and ‘World of Gardens’. The history of gardens in Suzhou can be traced back to 770 BC, and four of the city’s gardens are UNESCO sites: the Master of (Fisherman’s) Nets Garden, the Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Surging Wave Pavilion and the Lingering Garden. Renowned local artist Ye Fang will give you a tour of one of the gardens and invite you back to his home. Here he works on paintings and installation pieces that reinterpret the traditions of the classical Chinese garden. Cruise down ancient China’s major waterway, the Grand Canal, started in 485 BC and stop in the sleepy town of Tong Li.


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