Explore Asia’s most dynamic metropolis, with its new architecture, excellent dining, shopping, arts and nightlife. Privately tour the Shanghai’s best galleries and museums, and meet the artists and curators driving the Chinese contemporary art boom. Have lunch or a drink on the rooftop of the newly renovated Mansion Hotel, and a dinner party with the city’s top art collectors.

The greater Guilin region along the Lijiang River is home to some of China’s most fantastic scenery, from the dramatic karst mountain formations of Yangshuo to the lush green terraced rice paddies of Longsheng. Complementing these dazzling landscapes are the austere structures of a new 1320-acre art park, Yuzi Paradise, filled with monumental sculptures created by 140 artists from 47 countries. The park is home to the aptly named Hotel of Modern Art (HOMA), which offers a wealth of art classes, from pottery to printmaking, in addition to its luxurious accommodation and amenities.

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