The fabled Silk Road city of Kashgarin far western China near the borders with Tibet, Mongolia and Kazakhstan is home to the minority Muslim Uighur people. Kashgar is an extremely remote destination with very few foreign travellers and only basic hotels and facilities. While you can spend a few days wandering through the narrow winding streets and shops of this exciting medieval city, the biggest draw to Kashgar is the remarkable Yekshenba Bazaar. This, the city’s bustling Sunday morning open air market and the world’s largest, with vendors from as far away as Pakistan and Uzbekistan offering their wares and services, is where you can buy everything from camels to carpets, fine silks to barbecued goat heads and hooves. Here you can have your hair cut, your knives sharpened and your donkey cart repaired, in addition to having your teeth pulled at an outdoor dental clinic. Expected is the traditional Middle-Eastern fashion of haggling.

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