China - Overview

The world’s most populous country with over 1.3 billion people and over one hundred ethnic groups, including Manchus, Mongolians, Tibetans, Uighurs, Tartars, Bais, Dong and Lisu tribal people. One of the worlds oldest civilisations dating back over 6,000 years, China, now only nominally Communist, is rapidly modernising and gaining power on the world economic and political stage.

The contrast between the skyscraper filled cities of Shanghai and Beijing and the far-flung villages of Yunnan and Tibet is almost unimaginable. Today’s Versace clad urban professionals bear little resemblance to their peasant farmer forefathers and the vast majority of Chinese citizens. A trip across China on the new high-speed train from Beijing to Lhasa can take you from one extreme to the other, and you witness many sides of life in this endlessly fascinating and diverse country. So massive is China that any one trip there can show you only a portion of the country and its rich and diverse cultures.

Trips here can be anywhere from five days to three weeks long. Depending on how much ground you wish to cover, an average trip to China is two weeks long, although Nonpareil can customise your itinerary to fit any schedule or set of interests. You stay at five-star hotels, and you will have a private car, driver and guide at all times.

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