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Regarded by many as the continent’s greatest secret, Zambia, “the Real Africa”, ranges from the mighty Victoria Falls to the world-renowned National Parks of the Luangwa and Zambezi valleys. For so long this country has been largely overlooked as a tourist destination, the wilderness areas are pristine and the country offers its guests views of the African bush that have not changed for centuries.

Elephant walkThe opportunity to explore these areas and to view the wildlife that inhabits them without having to share the experience with others is something very special and one that is hard to find in many parts of Africa these days.

We offer a varied range of luxury safaris. Game drives and walks are available, whilst night drives take place in the first hours of darkness, the best time to find the predators in action.

Giraffe WalkEnjoy a walking safari between remote bush camps or relax in the luxury and style of a Lodge. However you choose to enjoy your African safari holiday, a team of Zambia’s best safari guides will escort you throughout.

Rightly described as the ultimate way to experience the African wilderness, walking safaris allow one to become a part of the environment rather than just a spectator. There are few experiences more exciting than tracking big game through the African bush.

Kakuli Tent InteriorWe can tailor your Zambia safari holiday to meet your needs. Whether you have just a few days or a couple of weeks to spend, we will be able to put a package together to suit you.

Most of our safari holidays in Zambia start at camps in the South Luangwa and then move on to other National Parks and to the Victoria Falls, or are completed with a few days on the beach by the Indian Ocean.

However, it is easy enough to decide that your next holiday is to be a safari in Africa, but the hard part is to decide exactly where to go. Most tourists to Zambia now want to see more than just the Victoria Falls or perhaps one of our great National Parks and people are choosing to spend longer in Zambia

Once you have decided on Zambia as a destination it is worth looking into the various destinations within the country. Of the nineteen National Parks in Zambia, the four most popular are the South Luangwa as Zambia's premier wildlife Park, the North Luangwa, the Lower Zambezi and the Kafue National Parks.

You can plan to adopt a Zambian safari package or if you prefer, we can help you tailor-make your own safari trip in Zambia.

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